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Arctic Nature


Glamorous Camping

Enjoy tha nature in Lapland away from the crowds by staying overnight in the luxury tent. The glamping tent is located in a quiet place in the forest. There are no other people around. You see the nature of Lapland around you through a main window and a skylight window while you are inside the luxury tent laying at the comfy bed under a thick blanket. The tent is insulated and heated. During your stay, you also have the opportunity to experience a traditional finnish outdoor sauna and it is for your private use. 



Experience the nature 

Experience the true nature of Lapland. Enjoy the silence that is broken only by the sounds of nature. You might see the stars and the moon illuminating the arctic nature. Enontekiö the best places to see the Northern Lights, which often dance across the sky with stunning colors. You might see animals that live in the arctic forest such as a mountain hare or a willow grouse,


IMG_20220303_230023 (1).jpg

All the year round

During the winter the sun does not rise, which is called the Polar Night. There is light for a few hours and colors are incredibly beautiful. Toward spring you have opportunity to enjoy the sun sparkling on the snow. During the summer there is daylight constantly and you can see the famous Midnight Sun. When summer turns to autumn, then the amazing colors of 
the fall surround us. At night we might see the Northern Lights playing in the sky already at the end of August.  A night in the luxury tent is a unique experience of Lapland`s nature. 



  • a transport from Hetta

  • a night in the luxury tent surrounded by arctic nature

  • a dry outdoor toilet in private use

  • necessary lightning

  • linen and towels

  • a transport back to Hetta


Please note

  • The tent  is heated by a wood-burning stove. There will be fire when you arrive. You need to add more firewood into stove, also during the night if necessary. The tent is heated also with another method.

  • There is no mains electricity in the tent.

  • There is no shower or other running water in the tent.

  • There is no cooking facility in the tent.

  • You can order supper and breakfast for a separate fee, please let us know your special dietary needs.

  • There is a dry outdoor toilet for your private use.

  • You have an opportunity to experience a traditional finnish outdoor sauna. We warm up sauna for you for a separate fee. 

  • The queen size bed can be divided into two separate beds.


Contact us or book online

+35840 7597 906 


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