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About us

My name is Saija Keskitalo. We are working together with my partner Jarno Viitanen. Jarno works for the business in addition to his job elsewhere. We want to invite you to our home, to the wilderness around us and show you our way of life. Our wish is that you get unforgettable memories here.


We live in a small village Vuontisjärvi Enontekiö Lapland, which is 15 km East of Hetta. I was born in a neighbouring village in the late 1980s. Later I moved to this village where my mother was born. Jarno was born in the late 1970s. Jarno grew up in this village Vuontisjärvi, which is also his mother’s home village.  The history of my family and Jarnos family, his mother’s side, extend as far into the past as is known in our area. Both me and Jarno are the indigenous people, the original Sami of the region.


We want to help you to find peace in arctic nature during your vacation. We hope that you forget your worries for a while and live that moment in time, to give you energy to keep up with your everyday life.


We want to provide authentic experiences in Lapland away from the crowds. We organize various slow travel activities all year round. We are also happy to organize a customized excursion according to your wishes or even your whole vacation in Lapland together with our collaboration partners. We have extensive local contacts. Our special accommodation Arctic Nature Glamping is for experience seekers.


The nature around us is unique, surrounded by fells and wilderness. Culture is a natural part of our tours. Enontekiö is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights, because our location far up North and the mountains in the west stop some of the clouds.


Our team includes two horses. Together with the horses we enable a wonderful nature experience: Sleigh Ride Through Snowy Forest. Our dog, Lapponian herder, Halle participates in everything behind the scenes and keeps the mouse population under control. Our horses and of course Halle are our co-workers but also our family members. We want to make sure that their life with us is safe and they have a happy life here with us.


Living in the arctic areas means that you have to respect nature. Nature is the source of everything but it cannot be treated lightly. Conditions can change quickly and be ruthless. That is one of the reasons why we have to think of the phrase “safety first”. Our local knowledge and experience here provide us the best tool to recognise situations that are or could develop dangerous. What comes to the surrounding nature, as we see it, we only have this pure environment once, if it is ruined it`s hard to get back.


We want to embrace our culture and do things like we have been taught for generations. Our life goes strongly according to the cycle of the year and the seasons. We want to keep our culture alive and protect it from all threats. Living alongside nature, feeding ourselves with what it has to offer, but making sure that it is done with respect and in a sustainable way.


We want to develop our region together with others in a sustainable way, taking into account environmental, cultural, social, and economic sustainability.


Slow travel is most suitable for our way of offering experiences, because we don`t see that you can relax or enjoy nature if you are standing in a crowded line, waiting for your turn. We want that your experience of local nature is as close as we see it. Of course, it can be true, that we are a bit hermits =)

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